Ode to Magnus

Ode to Magnus

The Magnus I knew was very playful. So playful that you’d look at him and not believe he can get anything done in his life. So playful that he joked with work and I hated how he handled tasks the first few months we worked in the same company. We were assigned tasks a few times and he’d handle a part of it and leave me to struggle with the rest. I’d call for help but he’d tell me that he was working on something urgent. When we finally meet at work and he’d find me struggling with it and volunteer to help. It’d get angry and refuse because by then we would be hitting the last minute to get the Job done.

I later gave him a chance to help and me and from then on he was different to me. I saw him differently. But he was still very playful, especially when he’s not in public. Magnus has twerked before!


I’ll give you a second to wipe that Image off your mind.


In Public, he sometimes looked really serious and communicated like a business man especially around people he’s older than. His would look like he was almost frowning when he walked.

Still, If you get in a deep conversation he’d speak like he believed in you and the words that fell from your lips. He was also emotional sometimes. He’d stare at you like someone you could open up to and he looked like he had had some of your problems before.

What was really strange about him was how he responds to situations such as “The 200mb I subscribed for yesterday finished today”, he’d respond with “Nice!”

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This once, We were talking about a Zoo we had visited a year earlier and why we can’t visit the place again the next year. The Zoo was closed down because a Lion attacked and killed someone there. On hearing it, He said “Nice!” and my elder sister asked if he was alright.


The Magnus I knew loved friendly people and he was almost a flirt… Okay, maybe he was a flirt, sometimes. And it got him in trouble a few times. He made people feel special and be themselves when they let him or get close to him, especially the opposite sex.

Finally, The Magnus I knew said it was okay to educate children about Sex at a young age so that they can understand that it is not Okay for an elderly or older person to touch a child in some parts of his or her body or vice versa. He said it was Okay for women to express their feelings for men. He said it was okay for a man to cook in a house and do the dishes. But he was not a great cook.


He said It was okay to “not understand” and that It was Okay to make mistakes, apologize and keep trying.

The Magnus I knew, was a young man born to James and Grace Okeke, their remarkable son, and he was just a human being like every one of us seated beside his coffin today.

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