The Ten Naked Men

The Ten Naked Men

“I’ve not come this far to lose to ten naked men, for what! – why? Look around you, this spot you’re standing on is a Holy ground – Sinahhii!. If Moses was here he’d have died younger and happier without regrets. He would not even hear god calling. He’d just clear the entire bush before asking god to set it on fire.
These ten men will wait here, lifeless, waiting for you to take them by the cap or bite your fingers in regret. It’s your choice o. Vote wisely. You shouldn’t be so stupid to allow your eyes and hands alone carry out a decision that the nerves of your brain has registered as a decision. What are you even regretting? See me, I have nothing to regret. I’m a useless man. I’m just hopeless, like a ponny… sorry…Penny. I’m just hopeless like a penny with a hole in it’s center, but I’m still valuable. In fact,
I’m more valuable than these ten naked men in front of me. Give me a weapon, let me show you. All of you in this bar are stupid. I need a weapon. Life is too short to sacrifice my 32 for this battle, these ten naked men, the caps they wear these days are tough. Please get me a weapon.” a heavily drunk Magnus said.
Madam Kosi handed him the rusty opener as everyone in the bar watched in shock. Although it’s not the first time he’d get drunk at bar. “If two bottles are making you talk like this, what will the remaining ten do to you?” a MALE customer laughed.
“Who said that?… Who is that woman?” Magnus asked. The entire bar ignored him. “Madam Kosi, send that girl one naked man. I will pay. She must not leave here complaining about my ten naked men” he concluded with a loud burp.
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