Erections: Dethroning The King

Erections: Dethroning The King

Sometime back in high school, I used to lean on the windows on break periods. Why I was doing that, no one knew. On certain occasions, I would stand there looking through the window; watching my feelings watch me. Everyone must have thought it’s conventional; anyone could stand beside the window when he doesn’t want to go out. It seemed normal but it wasn’t. I was hiding a big bump in my school pants and it would be mortifying to be seen that way, in class. The thought of the shame it would cause alone bothered me. I would stand there all through till the bump mellows out.

EVERY GUY has had an erection before. Most people get it every day due to so many reasons like puberty, pornography or in the mornings when you wake up (called nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT), a healthy and predictable physiological response that most men experience… according to 

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I must attach, most guys have tried so many uncanny ways to stop “Unwanted”erections, especially in the mornings or when you’re with an opposite sex
In frustration, most guys have tried so many methods (both practical and medical) to curb their erection. But it still comes back up. Why hide the king when you could dethrone him and enthrone him anytime you need him… by the powers vested in you. You should know that having erections is healthy (especially in the mornings) but for it to come up unruly when you look at something or someone sexually arousing is not cool.

In my next post: 5 Ways To Restrain An Unwanted Erection, I hoarded a few methods that will definitely help you conceal or totally quench the worrisome thing.

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