Running From My Pastor…

Running From My Pastor…

The year is 2005 or the year before and i had gone to church with a neighbor. one of those Sundays – I did not go home after the Church service. Instead, i followed a friend from the church to see his friend, a girl who turned out to also attend the same church.

1…2…3….4…5pm i was still at the house we visited. The girl’s father was an assistant pastor at the church but that was not why we hung around. The house was just fun and the girl was friendly. A few minutes past 5 o’clock my parents came knocking at the door of the house. The assistant pastor, his daughter, my friend and i were all there. My parents were angry. They told the pastor i did not inform them about my whereabouts and how I’ve been stubborn and… ZOOOOM! I ran off!

Was i possessed? was i crazy? That must be going through their minds. The truth is; my dad wouldn’t let me go out of the house at the time – Because we were new in the area. So, any chance i got to leave the house, i seize it and find a way to stay out, meet people, learn something new etc.

Unfortunately, i ran home because i had nowhere to run to and my heart was pounding…
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