Recommend My Services or Die!

Recommend My Services or Die!

A few years before I started working for “people with money” , I had no laptop. I would go to a friend’s place to learn HTML and CSS. He had the video tutorials and other utilities to practice with on his laptop. Most timesI learnt a thing or nothing. I complained whenever I don’t understand what I wasn’t understanding. My friend will tell me to calm down and sometimes explained what I wasn’t getting. He was very good with HTML and CSS at the time and he built stuffs on his computer, locally (on his computer) with them.

When I reminisced with that same friend about work, building a portfolio and putting his works out there, he would complain about how he hates working for people, small jobs and how annoying people are.
He sank in this quagmire for years and refused to work for people. When he eventually did, he focused on their bad sides too much that he barely worked the job successfully. When he approached me for clients, I asked to see his previous works and sample. He promised to provide samples on demand. “If the client asks, I’ll make it happen.” he would say. For me to communicate with clients, I needed proof. People need to see what you’ve done, not where you studied, not even where you learnt it. A large percentage of clients don’t really care these days.
[bctt tweet=”A tree is judged by the fruit it bears not the fruit it says it bears.” username=”iammagnus1″]
A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg openly asked his Facebook followers to pick a voice character for his AI, Jarvis. A lot of names were mentioned and you could tell the names were known for the things they do or have done. Actors and people whose voice have been heard by you or me or almost everyone…

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Mark Zuckerberg

[bctt tweet=”How do I recommend you when you don’t have your previous works out there? How do I recommend you when you only talk about your skills and have not put them to use?” username=”iammagnus1″]
It is difficult for clients to believe me when I tell them you can make stuffs that will turn a CEO to your favourite friend?
You don’t have to work for anyone to do that. You don’t even have to write an application most of the time. People just stumble on something you have done and your works speak for you.

[bctt tweet=”I don’t care where you schooled or what you studied. It’s not what we get that makes us happy sometimes; It’s who we become with what we get.” username=”iammagnus1″]

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