What Happens When Nepa Takes Light

What Happens When Nepa Takes Light

It’s 1:17AM in the morning and I’m up wondering how I’d die. It’s not bothering me. I just choose to think about it. I can’t sleep and I’m just wondering… a good man like me.

Not good as in all-around good in and out. I just have a good heart and I know it. It’s never my intention to be rude to anyone or to hurt anyone or behave badly to anyone. But that’s within. Most people don’t know this.

Sometimes my attitude is annoying. I could be annoying sometimes. I also feel I’ve been misunderstood so many times. And I have misunderstood others too.
What if one of the annoying things I have done catches up with me.
Like, what if I’m sick in a hospital and someone walks in and kills me with a pillow or disconnects my life support machine. And then when my spirit leaves my body I’d realize it’s Angela. She never forgave me all these years for reporting her at work?
I thought she forgave me. I thought we were cool!

What if a stranger dies in my arms and I get arrested and sentenced to death by hanging. Pray for me.
What if it has happened already? What if I’m a walking dead man

What if I get married and my wife gives birth and one fine morning I’m laughing really hard to cheer my baby up and choke on my breakfast. What if the breakfast is bread and tea. I don’t like bread and tea much. What if I get used to it
What if I settle

What if I get hit by a car when I’m 48. Is that how I’d go
What if it’s a serious sickness. Something I have always ignored all that time I got tired for no reason or ate 6 times a day instead of 3.
What if it’s cancer

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What if it’s depression.
My pastor says Christians don’t get depressed. What if I’m the first Christian to gets depressed.
What if I hang myself one fine morning after reflecting on my life and mistakes Or jump out the balcony after breakfast. Publicity stunt, enough?

What if my brother needs to save another brother and all he needs is a human sacrifice
What if he uses me by poisoning my favourite meal and driving me thousands of kilometres to harvest my organs.

What if I get into a fight and get stabbed or stab someone.
Death by firing squad
What if I’m accused of something I did not do
What can I do in a country like Nigeria?

Tell me, how will I go
I’m curious. Will it hurt or will it be peaceful
Will I give my life to save another
What if I never grow grey hair
The least of my worries

What if I die after a hard day’s work
After all the stress of that day, someone would now owe me for life?
I would have preferred morning sha. So I wouldn’t have to stress.

What if I promise my people heaven and earth only to sleep tonight and never wake up?

Shit! There is light in the next house?!!!

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2 Replies to “What Happens When Nepa Takes Light”

  1. 😂😂😂…oh my! Whoa, I thought it wouldn’t end! So much, really. We’d start the uninterrupted power thing from your house…*takes note*

    It’s a beautiful piece no doubt, I got lot in the list of “things that could go wrong”. Awesome!

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