The Offerings That Destroyed Today’s Church

The Offerings That Destroyed Today’s Church

This happened a few months ago. I came around a popular church in town where they had this one straight service and closed around mid day. Great morning, great sermon and i could bet the pastor and elders were on THAT kind of fire that only burns in church.

So, when it was time for offering, they passed the bag for church offering, then the tithe, then another offering called the development offering (used to build the church; i thought the church offering covered that)… then the anniversary offering (usually collected when there is anniversary in the church). After the offering there was an announcement – A long announcement. The Elder (i think) announcing talked about a Pentecostal vigil and how there will be an offering for the Pentecostal vigil after his announcement. I paused… Another offering again? And it happened. I’m telling you.

This had me thinking… What if the Church had a youth vigil or a weekly activity; will they collect money offering too? I’ve heard a couple of friends talk about how church offerings happens more often than eating three times a day. And they all have names. This was happening for real… after that – before this post, i went to a church where they passed the offering bags around those who come out to the alter because they were born in that month. This happens on the first Sunday of the month you were born and a few churches use this avenue to pass the bag, as usual!
Imagine this church had two, three services each Sunday and you get to attend the three… *checks wallet*
This might sound like i’m complaining or someone might say “No one is forcing you to give” but its just so wrong! And i can’t come to church all the Sundays without dropping in the bag… before you know it, the pastor will preach about giving and how you must go to hell for not giving. *hits publish*

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