Everybody Lives in Lagos

Everybody Lives in Lagos

I spent my teenage years in the town of Mowe. A very popular town in Ogun State. Before we all joined my father in the town in 2004, everyone called it Lagos.
Everyone that lives there seems to call it Lagos because Lagos is more recognized than the town. For decades, the town has existed under the name of Lagos to many. In fact, Apart from Shagamu and other towns before the redemption camp, all the small towns on Lagos Ibadan expressway before Ojodu Berger are called Lagos. But they are not, they are actually Ogun State.


I was really excited when I was told we were going to Lagos only to end up in a town 45 minutes away from Lagos. And it was bushy at the time. It was so bushy we killed a snake in front of the house once and some parts of the town don’t even have electricity.

When you travel to the village everyone will come to welcome you from “Lagos”. Some of my friends were asking If I had seen tall buildings and long bridges when we all travelled to Enugu in 2008. I told them I had and they were like “Wow! Really?! Amazing!” Deep down, I felt really bad. I made them think I had been to a major city with tall buildings and bridges. The only bridge in Mowe is the new one being constructed in 2018 and as at the time of this post, a single first bank branch serves the entire town.

I no longer live in Mowe but it doesn’t matter whether you’re in the town or 45 minutes away. Everybody lives in Lagos.

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