How Nigeria’s Bad Fuel degraded my Car Performance

How Nigeria’s Bad Fuel degraded my Car Performance

Ask me again why I left Nigeria…

My car is a performance car and uses premium fuel. I didn’t know this. Nigerian fuel spoils it for me. I spent a lot of money troubleshooting starting issues. My first mechanic from a popular Benz repair shop in Surulere could not troubleshoot the issue. I changed the fuel pump & filter twice within a space of 1yr, but my issue persists. I moved from one mechanic to another, the last one changed my RPM sensor without diagnosing anything. It did not solve my problem, he wanted to proceed in opening my engine and replacing the camshaft, I disagreed. Eh no reach like that abeg, I detest strongly on mechanic opening my engine combustion chamber.

I randomly went to visit my friend in Ikorodu and I needed to refill. Because of this fuel issue, I usually do not fill my tank, I am always on the quest for better fuel, so I bought a half tank and went home. The next morning, surprisingly, the car started well and alive. I started studying about fuels, checked my car manual, visited online forums and googling, I found my problem. My car uses premium fuel, which is boldly written at the fuel cap.
No Naija mechanic could understand that fuels have RON (Anti-knock index) ratings. I always sounded stupid, like I didn’t know what’s wrong with my car. My car uses a minimum of RON 91 but RON 95 is recommended. Nigeria’s fuel is RON 87. Every morning I start my car, it struggles and stalls for some seconds. I will just be managing it as a normal Nigerian.
I bought an Abro Octane Booster on Konga, and it was fake, it helped in killing my engine more. I had to drain everything out.

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My friend had to be transporting fuel for me from Ikorodu occasionally because that was where I thought had quality fuel, it fixed my starting issue temporary. But then it stopped fixing it, I guess they decided not to buy quality fuel anymore.

When I visited Ghana for business and found out they have premium fuel, and I was also planning on moving to Ghana, I set my hope there that one day, I’ll see a good fuel and be vindicated. I determined I must take it there and verify! Shell’s V-Performance fuel is RON 95 or above.

I have moved, but I have not been moving around with my car because I’ve not registered it yet. But there is a Shell station close by, I was so tempted to try it. I had my leftover Nigerian fuel in reserve. I went last night and bought 14ltrs. I could hear the engine alive while driving home. We wait for the morning!

It rained last night, everywhere is cold. This adds a cold start and even compound to my starting issue. This morning, it’s time to finally verify whether my car has issues or I just have bad fuel. Turn it on one key, I heard the correct Mercedes-Benz vooooooooom!!! On the first start on a cold morning! 😃😃

Nigeria has really poor fuel, it builds carbon and kills your engine as you use it.

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