My Last Days at School

My Last Days at School

After fasting and praying and swearing that if I gained admission to school I’d stop making noise in class, not chase girls and Face my book I finally gained admission into a popular polytechnic in Lagos

Lucky me right?

I said the same thing when I saw my name on the merit list. I was so excited that I told everyone at the Radio Station I worked in at the time. As you might guess, I was fired a few months later because I couldn’t keep up with work and School and another reason I might put in another blog post.


The first few months of school was fun! Fine girls, brilliant guys, Fine girls that were brilliant, those who knew the next club Fabregas was going to end up in and why Wizkid will not win the next year’s BET award for Best African Act, students who don’t have notes but have never failed a test, quiet girls that look like they know everything but will disturb your destiny during a test… boys who knew the names of girls in other departments offhand and some students who came to school to start a Church.

I got tired of the school and classes a few months later for like hundreds of reasons I can’t even begin to list. I skipped classes, made friends who had past questions for tests and exams for both the next semester and the one after. From writing an apology letter to a lecturer who skipped his class today for not reminding him he has a class today to learning a programming language that no one uses to build products anymore in the real world. So many things were wrong with the order of things at School. There was a day we wrote an apology letter to the MTH lecturer apologizing for the apology letter we wrote earlier that was not apologetic enough so he could forgive us and start taking MTH again.

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We didn’t even take HTML/Web Design courses till the Final semester and the lecturer read all the topics from a textbook. Where did the content of the textbook come from? The Internet. Google the topic of the language and you’ll see everything in the textbook. The internet will even show you how less important some Languages are in the real world. This does not apply to HTML. The internet told me so.

Enter the Web Design Lecturer, We knew she had little or almost no knowledge of what she was teaching but we just had to go with the flow, else you repeat the course for questioning your lecturer. The C practical lecturer was the worst. But that is not to say there were not some good lecturers. – I don’t know why I should tell you this but most of the amazing Computer Science lecturers we had were young lecturers between 20-something and 40-something.

After so many strikes (we were striking like Ronaldo every 3 months) and counseling (I had a mentor who kept asking me not to quit school), I ended up graduating…

Let me share a final incident with you.

This was my “I cannot come and kill myself” moment.

My last days at School. I photocopied all the past questions for all the papers… went for overnight; the mosquitoes that had me that night 🙁 … and the next morning some students were still awake and reading… Strong headed, strong-minded and serious students!
I wanted to Join them but… Look at that picture.

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