You Might Not Understand Tony Robbin’s: I Am Not Your Guru

You Might Not Understand Tony Robbin’s: I Am Not Your Guru

The problem with projects like I Am Not Your Guru or the problem with watching Documentary films like it is that you won’t really understand it if you’re ignorant or haven’t lived through some experiences.

Let me explain

You won’t fully grasp it, or to a huge extent because you have to have gone through something big, in a bad way to understand it. Don’t get me wrong, there are lessons in it. You’ll learn a lot if you hear Tony Robbins speak but I am talking about the people.

You won’t know what most of them had to go through because you haven’t gone through it. It’s like a bad marriage, loss of a loved one, abuse etc… It’s hard to put yourself in the shoes of some of the people you see in the documentary because It hasn’t happened to you before.

You won’t understand

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