Lagos to Ibadan Train and Back: All you need to know

Lagos to Ibadan Train and Back: All you need to know

I’ve used the Train a few times and I just want to give you a breakdown of what it’s like and the costs.

Going from Lagos?

  • Go to the NEW Railway Station at Ebute Metta. It should come up when you search on Uber/Bolt App. It’s even walkable from Ozone Cinemas in Yaba. So, In conclusion, It’s close to Yaba
  • You can’t buy train tickets with your ATM card at the train station. You have to pay in cash. You will see some guys who are carrying POS in the compound and can debit your card and give you cash. Make sure you’re inside the railway compound before you transact with them and collect your cash… Don’t let some guys outside the gate do it for you.
  • After that, go and buy your train ticket to Abeokuta or Ibadan. The prices vary and they are boldly written on-screen – First class and business class. The first class is just less crowded, that’s all. Overall, the train is spacious and cozy with sockets for you to plug in and charge your devices.

Here are few details about the train schedule and fees.

They also have stopovers in Abeokuta and few other train stations such as – Omi Adio and Agege train station as well. 

Lagos – Ibadan: 8am and 4pm

Ibadan – Lagos: 8am and 4pm

Weekends: 8:00am and 5:00pm

Update: Your Abeokuta to Lagos ticket might not have a seat number. You can sit anywhere

You can stop at Abeokuta or Omi Adio on your way to the last bus stop in Moniya, Ibadan

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Lagos – Ibadan fee

Standard class – 2600 Naira
Business Class – 4000 Naira
First Class – 6000 Naira

Lagos – Abeokuta fee

Standard – 2000
Business Class – 3500
First Class – 4500

When you get to Ibadan (Moniya station), you’ll see cab drivers going to all parts of Ibadan (Sango, University of Ibadan, Oluyole etc.) – You can bargain with them.

Ordering a ride with Bolt is more expensive, in my experience. Also, the bolt drivers will accept your request but would want to do an offline trip (This happens a lot in Ibadan and It’s becoming annoying!)

Also, most of the cab drivers are beggars. If you both agree on a price, stick to it. Don’t allow them to ask for a raise halfway… It’s common. Ignore them and pay the agreed price. No matter how friendly or persuasive they sound.

[Update by Bolaji of Naijaexplorerss]

Since June, I haven’t travelled by road from Lagos to Ibadan or from Ibadan to Lagos, I have been making use of the train, I sit comfortably and charge my phones and make use of my laptop.

No stress or traffic, people have been making use of the train and Naija Explorers has successfully taken people on train trips, I will love you to also take a train ride whenever you want to go to Abeokuta or Ibadan, you will have an amazing experience being on the train.

I hope you find this information helpful and useful.


Once, at the Ibadan station (Moniya), while I was boarding to return to Lagos, they asked for a means of Identification. Thankfully, I had my international passport. Always travel with an ID card or license, just in case

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