Loki Reminds Me That Perception is Everything

Loki Reminds Me That Perception is Everything

While watching Loki today, It suddenly hit me:
I realized why we’re more sympathetic towards the protagonist, irrespective of whether they’re a villain or a hero.

When you know someone’s history/story, you’ll understand them.

Dear business/brand owner,
How are you telling your story?
Perception is everything.
Sometimes, users create a notion about you (or your business) that might be false, simply because you’re not consciously telling/constructing your story.

In today’s world, where almost everything happens online (as we’d like to think), how people perceive you is based on what you’re putting up (and what you’re not).

Imagine being a highly skilled tailor or (Insert any other service you provide or skill you have)
You barely showcase your finished work or tell the story of the processes that go into making a finished garment… how you pay attention to each detail or even the different kinds of styles you are capable of sewing.

Anyone looking at your online page might think that you’re an average tailor, while another tailor that might be less capable, is perceived to be better, simply because…

I thought that we all agreed that The Joker is a villain until they made a movie about him. If you saw that movie, I’m sure you wanted him to find happiness.

That’s how people will want your business to grow when they know how much effort you put into your services and if your services serve them well.

Written by: Orji Chika

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