5 Things You Should Do Before 25

5 Things You Should Do Before 25

Let meeeee Seeeeee……. Cook a new dish? – Nope, you’ll probably hospitalize someone special. Fall in love?—Nope, you’ll probably get heart broken or get her pregnant (Dad?). Do something crazy, like a Bungee jumping or holding a closed circuit – Cool huhn? You’ll probably die or get a broken neck. How aboutttt… Commit a crime — You’ll probably get a life sentence or raped by same sex in prison (Ahhhh!!!!) .            Get lost? — That’s “the most” intentionally dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Betray someone or get into a big fight – you’ll probably get stabbed in one eye and left with one (Cyclops). How about, attending a sports event, go swimming, listen to a kid’s advice, sing in public, spend a night outside, go to the beach or zoo (perhaps movies) ——- Yawn!… Seriously, by the time you’re 25 you should have done these latter things I mentioned (There’s something called camping and excursions.)
Why don’t you…

Create or Build Something: Ideas are easily had at a younger age. You must have loved some works or thought about something cool for once, and it’s all swimming in your head. This act of mental creations could be something big, made by your own hands. Mind you, it doesn’t have to be something big (at first), you could do your younger age a greater good by trying out all sorts of things that might eventually aid your tomorrow.

Spend Some Time Volunteering: When it doesn’t involve making money, some young folks usually tender excuses and eventually pull up stakes. It doesn’t have to be “freely enlisting for service.” You could start by helping in the church, helping the next-door neighbor wash her tank or making something for someone for free (at least for once). Volunteering helps in numerous ways, like karma, it could backfire in a good way.

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Travel Far Away: Most individuals don’t really know when or how to do this. Instead, they probably end up running away from home or visiting an uncle (or aunt). The annoying thing about family is that they know you fairly well and could talk and annoy you due to the “donkey’s years” (long time) familiarity the have with you. Travel far with someone or a group of friends. There, you could sleep under the stars, stay as long as you don’t want and engage in all the careless things you always wanted to do when the world is not watching…Like…getting slapped by the opposite gender (kidding).

Disconnect for A Month: Yup, I’ve done it before (Financial challenges) for a few weeks. How will it feel like to just be disengaged from all the calls, mails, tweets, messages, voice messages, requests, friend requests, online activity challenges, poking and other major things I can’t talk about right now because I haven’t disconnected in weeks? You never know how it feels till you willingly plunge into unplugging. Disconnect gives you a feeling of comfort, like the one you get when you’re not doing anything except eating your favorite meat or food and smiling back at someone (maybe your own reflection). Truthfully, this is the best method of recovery from any form of stress and “workaholism.”

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Throw Yourself A Huge Party: Ah, that engendered feeling of wild and exuberant bedlam. It’s more fun and worth remembering when you’re the one hosting it. Notice the huge at the title? You could make it big by using social media to invite the whole universe and doing the crazy things you’ve always had in that head (laughs). Want to make it more cooler? Try setting the house on fire. What? I’m just saying, you’re young and that’s unforgettable. You should see Project X (The 2012 Movie)

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After the party, you could learn a new language and practice all the things you preach from your past experiences…
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