5 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl

5 Things You Should Never Say To A Girl

I once got so confident about myself (I think it was due to my frequent weightlifting routine) that I looked a girl in the face, held her gaze and asked, “Do you love me?,” in a conversational tone. After looking at me in a monstrously traumatized “whatdahell” manner, she laughed.
Even as a good story teller, you won’t hear the rest of the story from me. What? I was in high school (but didn’t happen in school). Most guys have said worse things than me; you’d probably see it in the movies. While dating or “IN LOVE” with that someone, You could do an irreparable damage with your mouth — prevention is better than cure. The first word you should never say is…

How is your boyfriend?: No matter how caring or polite you may be. It should never come from you especially when she is not happy. From all sifts of experience, I realized that sometimes we are tempted to ask such questions. An instance occurred once. She had just dropped a call with a sorry face while we were reminiscing about a couple of shots on her phone. That moment, I felt like prying into the issue bothering her but I didn’t. If she feels you should know then she’ll tell you. Asking a girl such questions could make her feel you don’t want her around or you could end up triggering some disquieting memories and emotions she had buried. Why would you even want to ask?

Can I kiss you?: First base! (An affectionate play or foreplay without contact with the genital organs, –according to Wordweb dictionary) You probably would have thought about it several times with so many girls but the words wouldn’t come out, and this happens often times when a girl laughs at your jokes (even the stupid ones….Gotcha!). Asking her if you could kiss her kills the humor and particular sense at that time, she might not measure you up to a capable man (It’s too childish). Why don’t you just go for the damn thing rather than asking like a waiter, are you a waiter? Serve yourself some guts

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How many guys have you had sex with?: Define curiosity — Something unusual (perhaps worthy of collecting). How about DUMB CURIOSITY? Please, just look for another manner to paraphrase the question because she’s going to hate you for this one. She’ll be like, “You think I’m cheap?” If she loves you that much, she could tell you (rarely happens). In most relationships, that happens after you have signed an “ARE YOU MY MUM?” and “DO YOU WANT TO MARRY ME?” form.

Should I Pay?: Or “will you pay?” Let’s face it, even the classiest girl in the world likes it when you buy her a drink or foot the bills. Some guys even go as far as paying for miscellaneous accessories. In Spiderman’s voice, “looks like someone’s broke here.” If you don’t have the money, you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Who’s the man? You’re the man, act like it! You think you can live without saying this one? How about…

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Bitch: This is totally next to “sin’. But sadly, almost all the guys say it in their lifetime (it’s all sitting next to the word “niggas” in hip hops.) Don’t get so used to the word or so close to the shores of anger that you forget she’s not a dog (regardless the situation you find or found her in) She will never forgive you, girls, they remember everything. She’ll probably use it against you someday— if she doesn’t counter by calling you a goat or pig or something that just might hurt as much. Stop the bitchery

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