The Two Funny Men You Should Read About #MagnusandMaurice

The Two Funny Men You Should Read About #MagnusandMaurice

I grew up where drunk people were believed to be really smart, young girls got pregnant like it’s nothing, couples quarreled like in a Nigerian movie… Yup, I grew up somewhere in Enugu, Nigeria. Then from the age of 11, i was dragged moved to Lagos where i experienced similar situations and people yelled louder here, got tipped or bribed for almost everything. Even in school – my own school – i was forced to give the security guy in my department some tip on the first week i got to school. What was the tip for? Nothing o – He forcefully asked me to give him money to buy biscuits. I told him i’d get the biscuits for him but he refused. He insisted on getting the “Money for biscuits.”

Waking up everymorning everyday, Getting old and watching time fly, i’m often reminded that “There is no greater agony than having an untold story inside you” by late Maya Angelou. So I put one all of my untold stories down in a book on an Okada. My latest book Magnus and Maurice is on Okadabooks. You should check it out. If it doesn’t make you laugh, you’d be inspired.

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