The Spoon Of Rice Is 500 Naira In Lagos

The Spoon Of Rice Is 500 Naira In Lagos

I had a friend visit me while i was assisting an Oap at Wazobia Fm once. After our meeting was concluded, he suggested we hit a restaurant around and eat something. I didn’t know if he had the money; didn’t care.

We walked into this good restaurant, not popular on the mainland and they had something for us – Rice, Beans, Moi Moi and Fufu and Egusi… I could go on. We looked at their plain sheet menu and a plate of rice was 500, either jollof or fried. So, i went for the Jollof with Chicken. He ordered for a plate too with the Chicken then he paid for both with his card…
5 minutes later, the plates had chicken bones on them. We were literally done but there was a problem, i could remember my friend telling me he was still hungry with so much frustration in his virile voice “… how can you be fed up? Everything here in Lagos costly. You will buy a spoon of rice for 500 and expect to be fed up.”
I laughed hard! and i told him i was going to blog this
No. he was not from the village. Yes, he doesn’t live in Lagos. This post has been on my draft for awhile until we spoke again recently. Is the rice served in Lagos restaurants that small?
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