Speak up for Abused Children

Speak up for Abused Children

If you know men that are sleeping with their children (or child relations) or underaged children that are being abused in your environment and you can’t speak up for their sake, you’re part of this world’s problems… It is not cool – Christian, Muslim, atheist or … It doesn’t matter.

I’ve lost two amazing people this year already but that doesn’t even hurt as much as hearing that a child was abused by a family member and test results show that she was truly abused but the little girl’s parents are blaming and flogging her. I’m pained. These children grow up feeling like these things are their fault.

This is the second time I’m hearing this and I’m so glad to be part of the solution this time. This is the kind of business we should be minding, not what people think about us. People’s opinion of you is not important. They don’t live in your body.

There are organisations against abuse out there. Tweet to them. Send them a Facebook message. Talk about it. You can do it anonymously. So many children are growing up to blame themselves for things they couldn’t do anything about… Save a child. Don’t make these children feel like these things are their fault.

If you’ve been raped or you know someone who has been raped, or is being raped/ sexually assaulted, please reach out to any of the following organizations HERE

Do you know (or work with) an Organisation that helps abused children in Nigeria or what to do when a child is abused? Please share below. Thank you

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