Is this observation a Lagos/Uniben thing?

Is this observation a Lagos/Uniben thing?

I attended Auchi Polytechnic briefly while in Edo state for my Neco exams. That was a long time ago. I would follow Morse to his evening classes sometimes, wander around the school and meet his friends – One of them was a talented guitarist named Emma Songz. He’s dead now. I met other remarkable people who taught me a lot about life, love, sex, drugs etc.


I did not like Auchi Polytechnic for so many reasons. Some of these reasons were unreasonable i.e they don’t let you wear shorts through the school gate and I like shorts. I also felt the town was not as civilized as Lagos. Chill. Don’t judge me. Lagos had so many things they didn’t have at the time. You’d literally get tired of exploring the city after a month or weeks. I was there for 5 months.

My junior sister was later admitted to that same school. Oh well. She likes it.

I recently visited UNIBEN and I met some students who applied to study various courses. They moved in from Lagos. Some of these students were my High School peers. We talked about life after high school, the courses they were currently taking and If they regret schooling far away from home. It’s not like they were indigenes of the state. A female friend almost broke down saying she regrets schooling so far away from Lagos. I was not surprised because of my past experience at another school in the same state but still, I wanted to know why. The friend I visited narrated how some of the students have to live in fear of cultists and not being indigenes of the state. Chill. He wasn’t badmouthing the “great” UNIBEN. That was not the point.

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I wanted to find out If and why some students regret schooling far away from home. So I messaged a few friends on WhatsApp saying “I recently visited Uniben and I met some students who applied from Lagos. The students told me that they regret schooling far away from home (Lagos). This is like a survey. You picked your school, far from home, did you at some point regret schooling far away from home?” 

Here are some of the responses to the survey:

Ton (not his real name): I personally don’t think location should be a cause for regret. We can make something out-of-it. On the other hand, Lagosians love the city so much that anything, not Lagos related is at sub-par. That attachment is too sentimental and rather detrimental”

Me: Some people regret leaving Lagos to Uniben?

Vsix: Yes. It is ignorance really. Many that came to Benin finally saw the stress and thought Unilag is a lesser evil. Unknowingly to them, all states have their own challenges.

I’d have you know that I asked students who left Lagos to study in other places. They were cool with it.

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I am dying to know. Please leave your comments below

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