5 Million!: The Scam I Fell For

5 Million!: The Scam I Fell For

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I was scammed in 2010. Then, i was still taking my computer lectures (yup) didn’t know much about tech. This is how it happened:

I got a text from MTN that went like:
“Dear customer, you have won 5 Million Naira on the ongoing MTN blah blah blah…”
I was so excited i didn’t bother checking the rest. At the end of the message, a phone number was attached. (If it’s sent like this, it’s a Scam)
I called the number and the Scammer at the other end was Congratulating me (Called himself an Agent.) He told me to send 4,500 naira MTN airtime to retrieve my COLLECTION PIN (See name oo). Yup, I did and a few minutes later, he gave me the address of the MTN Office in Victoria Island. 
He was like: “Go with a bag… (LOL!) If you get there, tender the pin and they’d attend to you.”
I thanked the IDIOT and went. When i got there, I saw a bunch of others scammed too…#Crying. I even heard someone was scammed up to 75k… Lol. I showed the staff the SMS and we tried calling the number… Switched Off! I was Ashamed, angry and frustrated at the same time.
It’s really shameful to talk about it but hey, it’s Five years ago ( I was charmed at the sound of 5 Million) For almost a year, the number was switched off
One fine morning, i called the number and an Old Woman picked up, asking who it was… I dropped the call…
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